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In collaboration with Professor Stephen Lockely and the University of Surrey, we are pleased to provide exclusive access to the SAFER Programme for all Health & Social Care staff in the UK. 






Sleep Alertness Fatigue in Emergency Responders Programme

The initiative aims to provide sleep education and screening for sleep disorders to healthcare workers, with the goal of highlighting and reducing fatigue. It offers actionable next steps and advice for improvement.


Developed by Professor Steven Lockley of the University of Surrey, the Sleep, Alertness, and Fatigue in Emergency Responders Program (SAFER) draws on his extensive 25-year research on sleep and circadian rhythms.


A study at Harvard Medical School, led by Professor Lockley, implemented similar education and screening programs for police officers and firefighters. Shockingly, over a third of active-duty personnel were found to be at risk of sleep disorders without their knowledge.


Further studies within the program demonstrated significant improvements in long-term health among hundreds of active-duty personnel who sought treatment for sleep disorders. In one instance, a fire department saw a nearly 50% reduction in long-term disability days and a 24% decrease in the likelihood of workplace accidents or injuries.


We understand the toll that shift work and night shifts can take on mental and physical well-being, especially in healthcare. However, night shifts are often necessary in these fields. At Footesteps, we're committed to addressing these challenges and enhancing the quality of life and work environment for all healthcare professionals.


Your participation in the program not only contributes to ongoing research on sleep and fatigue but also helps identify effective strategies to combat them.


Undiagnosed sleep disorders significantly contribute to workplace fatigue. Our program aims to recognize these factors, implement effective approaches, and reduce associated risks.

Most importantly the programme is open to everyone in the Health & Social care sector, not just for those who work shifts/ nights nor just for those who have sleep or fatigue issues. The more participants, the bigger the picture around sleep & fatigue in the industry we can see and how we can help!

How it works...

You will first watch three, 15-minute educational videos on sleep health and hygiene, effective use of caffeine, and examples of how to manage different shift patterns.


At the beginning, and again at the end, you will be asked some questions on sleep which will take less than 5 minutes.


These answers will be provided anonymously, and we will not know who you are.


Completion of the educational video is not considered part of the research study and is completely voluntary. You may watch the video and there is no obligation for you to go any further if you do not wish to.


Once you have watched the videos, you will then be invited to complete a screening survey to assess your risk of sleepiness, major sleep disorders and burnout.


You will sign an online consent form to take part but again, the questionnaire is completely anonymous (we will not know your identity or health or social care practice) and no individual results will be shared.


After completing the questions, if the screening shows that you may be at risk of any of these disorders, then a letter will automatically be generated that you can save or print and take to your GP if you wish to.

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