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What We Do.

Whether it is Night or Day...

Support & Advice

Support and advice are given through the materials we create and the service as a point of contact to hear from both employees and employers. We are here to listen to the experiences that are lived and worked every day, learn from them and implement change.


For employees, we are developing a body of resources and services that can better educate you in sleep, self-care, stress management, physical health and more.


For employers, we provide sufficient training on how to manage and optimise the work environment to make it a safer place at night. Through the implementation of new technologies, improved shift management, and provision of tools that promote healthier habits for your staff.

Limited health and social care staff have adequate training in sleep science or proper awareness of how fatigue impacts the body and mind. We are here to help change that. by providing support/advice, on-site assessments and contributions to research on all facets of night/shift work.

Footesteps Programme

We are developing a programme that involves:

  • Site visits along with risk assessments, to properly assess the environments that health care workers are in and better understand the experiences of these practitioners. 

  • Supported documentation that is both online & offline that is continually updated as the programme progresses. Cyclical programme at different levels that revisits the benefit – we do it, so you don’t have to.

The SAFER Programme

Exclusive access for healthcare workers to the SAFER programme. A collaborative effort between Footesteps, Professor Stephen Lockley and the University of Surrey to educate on sleep and identify the effects of fatigue in healthcare workers. 

The sleep, alertness and fatigue in emergency responders Programme (SAFER), was developed and designed by Professor Steven Lockley of the University of Surrey who has been studying sleep and circadian rhythms for over 25 years.


Each participant in the SAFER programme contributes to further research into Sleep, Fatigue and the Circadian rhythm by Professor Stephen Lockely.


Connecting the community of healthcare workers, signposting to other professionals/ organisations in the field and hosting conferences and meetings that bring us all together under one cause to make a change in the industry.


If you are an employer and want to get in contact with us

If you are an employee/ individual and want to get in contact with us


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