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Jenny was considerate, kind and loving. A woman who valued friendships and worked with dedication and compassion for those less vulnerable and in need.

In July 2015 Jenny Foote was tragically murdered by a mental health service user whilst providing waking night social care support for people with mental health problems.

Everyone touched by Jenny’s murder wanted to do more to improve the skill set, safety and value of those who undertake this essential night work on hospital wards and in the community.

Footesteps was established to create something positive and lasting for those who care and support our loved ones at night.

She was a person with determination and ambition who had the desire to be successful and without realising it, was an inspiration to others.

Why We Are Here?

Working nights impacts everyday life; with staff facing challenges in areas of physical health, social, psychological and family matters.

Health and Social Care night workers:

  • Suffer from fatigue – Out of 24 hours, most get less than 5 hours of sleep

  • More likely to develop health implications such as

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • 44% more likely to have gastrointestinal problems, breast & colorectal cancer heart and stroke issues.

  • 37% more likely to have heart a heart attack.

  • Experience fertility issues – 32% more likely to have a miscarriage.

  • Feel a sense of exclusion from new plans and initiatives. Studies show; that 75% have felt left out at work

  • Feel their lives are negatively affected by the lack of time with their families and communities resulting in smaller social networks.

  • More likely to experience relationship breakdown (6 times more likely to have relationships end in divorce)

of anaesthetists reported they had a near miss or incident where fatigue was a factor



of nurses & midwives reported they had near misses or incidents where fatigue was a factor



found consistent underreporting of incidents with fatigue as a factor.

Newcastle NHS Trust

Footesteps Foundation

As a charity we are dedicated to Advancing safer Nights for Health and Social Care staff. 

Through further research, sleep education and screening of sleep disorders via the SAFER programme. 

Online/ Offline resources for individuals around managing night shift work. 

Footesteps Foundation is working to develop programmes that provide assessments, guidance and training to employers and organisations to optimise the work environment and management of staff that work at night.

Studies show that small changes have substantial impacts:


reduction in medical errors when the lighting was changed in ITU



less falls in care homes after the lighting was changed


The People



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