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We have all seen the signs on the motorway saying '`Tiredness Kills"! however, the role of fatigue in road traffic accidents is considered to be largely under-reported. We also know that fatigue is a factor in many other accidents.

However there are certain precautions that we can put in place now, and in the future to help prevent such accidents. 

Night workers travel to & from work in the quiet hours when they are more vulnerable.

Night workers are 20% more likely to have an RTA of which 50% of these are fatal.

Daily commutes and work-related travel carry risks, recognized by insurers requiring identification of vehicles used for business. In the UK, commuting responsibility typically rests on individuals, but this varies based on employment circumstances. Shift workers, especially those on night shifts, face heightened risks due to off-peak travel, often in remote and poorly lit areas, with limited public transport. Additionally, drivers risk fatigue, notably during the nocturnal performance dip around 4:00 AM.

It might be obvious and self explanatory but here are some tips to help ensure a safe commute:

Regular Vehicle Maintenance
Ensure your car is in good working condition. Regularly check brakes, tyres, lights and fluids.


Be Aware of Schedules
Know the schedule of your public transportation and plan your commute accordingly.


Use Well-Lit Paths
Stick to well-lit and populated paths if walking or biking, especially during darker hours.


General Safety 
when walking at night do not wear headphones so that you are more aware of your surroundings

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