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Footesteps Foundation was formed by a group of people who share a vision to make night working for health and social care staff valued, safe and skilled. We have come together to forge something positive out of the tragic death of Jenny Foote who was providing night support when she was murdered by a mental health service user in 2015. There are thousands of health and social care night workers who staff hospital wards, care homes and hostels when the rest of the country is sleeping. We want each one of these unsung heroes to feel valued and heard, with voices feeding into services and service user planning.

Footesteps Foundation wants to be the supportive voice at the end of a phone, the sign- posters and deliverers of training and the road-testers for safety equipment.


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In July 2015 a social care worker, Jenny Foote, was tragically murdered whilst providing waking night support in a community run service for people with mental health problems. The perpetrator was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to imprisonment. However, there is always more that can be done to improve the skill set, safety and value of those who undertake this essential work. Many of the people who have been touched by this tragic loss of life want to work together to champion night staff across the health and social care sector.

Footesteps is the charity forged out of the heart-breaking loss of Jenny who was a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and work colleague. She was considerate, kind and loving. Jenny was a woman who valued friendships and worked hard for the vulnerable giving compassion for those less fortunate. She was a person with determination and dedication who had the desire to be successful and without realising it Jenny was an inspiration to others. Together in her name we will strive to create something positive and lasting for those who care and support our loved ones at night.


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